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Cinni-Bon Boxers is located in sunny San Diego County, California.

We are Greg and Bonnie Wagaman. My husband is no stranger to boxers, as his parents were boxer breeders in Killduff, Iowa. I was introduced to my first boxer in 1988. In an office conversation, I mentioned my husband’s love for boxers. Shortly after, a co-worker showed me an ad for a boxer. It was for a 1-year old boxer. We interviewed twice with the family and were “awarded” the privilege of owning the dog--Bogie. We tragically lost him shortly after. I swore off dogs-especially boxers. It was a painful experience for our family. In October 2001, on a trip to Cow Palace, I stopped to visit my brother who had a litter of 4-week old boxer puppies. I should have never fallen for his trap. One look at those boxer puppies and I had to have one. Being the first to see them, I got first choice. I took many pictures of Kadie to bring home to the family, and of course, they too were smitten. Kadie will always be our special girl.

We have since decided to have a professional breeding program, focusing on conforming to the breed standard and education of the breed. Quality, temperament, health, and soundness is our primary focus of every breeding, with a special emphasis on the heart health. Numerous health tests are conducted, as well as a complete physical exam. We volunteer in boxer club activities to stay involved with the breed and enjoy the opportunity to talk with prospective owners, answering their questions regarding the breed and requirements for raising a happy companion.

Although our dogs are shown to their championship, they are first and foremost a part of the family. All efforts are made to ensure our puppies are placed in caring, loving homes as well. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions, looking for a family companion/breed quality pup, or need puppy referrals.

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Email: bonnie@cinnibonboxers.com

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