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We are a nationally recognized kennel. As professional breeders, we breed first to ensure the future of our kennel and to improve the breed (structure, temperament, and health are the primary focus). Every litter comes from fully and regularly health tested parents. Although we do take into  consideration each family's preferences, we ask each family to keep an  open mind on coat color, markings, and sex of pup. What is most  important when getting a pup of this caliber is temperament and how it  fits into the family dynamic.

The adoption fee on our puppies is the same regardless of show, companion,  color or sex. Each pup is well rounded, healthy and socialized. The  socialization begins on day 3-10 when we perform Neurological  Stimulation, which helps them deal with ”stressers” while their central  nervous system is developing. As the pups mature, they are exposed to  various experiences to ensure a confident puppy. The environment in  which they are raised include weekly visits from grand children, pool  activities, noise from nearby traffic (large trucks, motorcycles,  emergency vehicles, etc). Noise from planes, jets, and ordinance from Cp Pendleton are an everyday occurrence, and most importantly the  whelping box is located in the heart of all the activity of a busy  household rather than an outside location. We strongly believe they need to be desensitized to and not distracted by everyday noise. Although we take multiple measures to socialize each puppy, the families we select  are those we feel will complete the process.

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CH CinniBon’s Pieces O My Heart “Reese”

Reese BOW BOS Malibu
Reese head shot

We have a beautiful litter out of Reece by Gambler. Although evaluations will not begin until late July to determine which pups will be available for adoption, we are starting our list and will contact families to schedule visits and begin the vetting process. Families interested in showing or breeding/fostering will have first consideration. Updates and pictures will be sent as time permits. Pictures will be posted to a Facebook Album Titled Reese/Gambler Puppies.

We have Reese puppies. Born 6/14/2019

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