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We are a nationally recognized kennel awarded Kennel Producing the Most Champions in 2019 by the American Boxer Club, as well as an AKC Breeder of Merit. As professional breeders, we breed first to ensure the future of our kennel and to  improve the breed (structure, temperament, and health are the primary  focus). Every litter comes from fully and regularly health tested parents. Although we do take into consideration each family's  preferences, we ask each family to keep an open mind on coat color,  markings, and sex of pup. What is most important when getting a pup of  this caliber is temperament and how it fits into the family dynamic.

Our puppies are well rounded, socialized puppies. We follow many of the Puppy Culture Philosophies. Our pups are exposed to various  experiences to ensure a confident puppy, to include: young grandkids and many family gatherings; noise desensitizing activities, exposure to the sounds of traffic (large  trucks/tractors, motorcycles, etc. Adoption includes applicable vaccines (age approriate), microchip, AKC registration (limited unless otherwise discussed), and microchip registration.

We have included links below to give each family insight to our philosophy and expectations. We recommend reading them prior to contacting us for a puppy to ensure you have a complete understanding of our breeding program.

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This litter was a very promising litter with a fabulous pedigree and quality. Although the litter didn’t go as hoped, we are happy to save a beautiful puppy from our breeding between Freddie and Fanny. Both parents adhere to the breed standard, with great temperaments and fully health tested.
This was a frozen semen breeding, as Freddie is now in the Philippines, where he is won multiple Best In Shows at numerous prestigious shows. In the short time he was here in the US, he achieved his championship by 10 months old and his grand shortly after. As a boxer under the age of one, he went Best of Breed over the 1 male boxer in the country at the prestigious Beverley Hills Kennel Club. We are so proud of this handsome boy from our breeding program.

Fanny is niece to Wonderful Wilma (2x Westminster Working Dog winner). Unable to get her ears to stand properly, we were disappointed we were unable to get her championship; however, we know she has all the qualities needed for our breeding program. Fanny is a lovely girl, with great structure and endearing face and expression. She is a very sweet girl (as is Freddie). There is no doubt she would have completed her championship in a short time.

Patch has exhibited good companionship traits from the start. During neurological stimulation, he goes with the flow and doesn't squirm or fuss. As he matures, we will be watching for "trainable" traits. Although his white coat disqualifies him from the show ring, his breeding (breed qualities, temperament, and structure) not only make him a great companion, but a great candidate for other events such as Rally, Agility, Fast Cat, Herding, Barn Hunt, to name a few. Most puppies of this caliber sell for $3000 or more. Being he is white, we are offering him at reduced adoption fee. He is no different than his litter mates should he have had any. Breed type, temperament, pedigree and health tested parents. By parentage, DNA markers are as follows: ARVC1-Negative; DM Clear or Carrier. For more information,  contact me at bonnie@cinnibonboxers.com
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*Wilma is the top winning boxer in the history of the breed, setting  a new boxer record for Most Best In Shows previously held by the legendary CH Bang Away of Sirrah Crest.

*ABC Kennel Producing the Most Champion 2019

*Breeder of 2x Westminster Working Group Winner

*Breeder of 2020 AKC National Working Dog Winner

 *2019 ABC Best of Breed Winner