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A quality breeding program takes  dedication, time and help. Although we would like to keep all the  exceptional puppies from each litter, most breeders are small and  limited in the number of boxers they can keep in their home to love.  Also, more often than not, the number of families looking for a quality  boxer from professional breeders who health test far exceed our  availability. These families often tire of waiting for that special pup  and find themselves settling for a pup that more times than not comes  from untested parents and in some cases, substandard quality. Becoming a foster family is a mutually beneficial relationship between the family  and breeder. The puppy is loved and owned by the family, with all the  joys that come with owning a boxer; however, the family agrees to one  litter to preserve the future of our breeding program. This can be a fun family experience with guidance throughout the entire process OR the  breeder will take full responsibility for the litter, to include the  costly extensive health testing, depending on the families preferenceContact us for more information on becoming a foster family.

Adopting an adult boxer is a great alternative to a puppy. Families look to  adopt dogs that are previously owned because they want to give it a  second chance. Often they look to adopt from a Rescue facility,  overlooking the possibility of adopting a mature dog from a breeder.  Breeders on occasion have adult dogs who make great family companions  and a better alternative than a rescue because, in most cases, the  breeder knows the background and the behavior of the dog and are  available for the transition. These dogs tend to be well socialized,  play well with children and multiple dogs, and of course potty/crate  trained. Boxers thrive on human affection, so they easily bond to their  new family. Although they are loved by the breeder, most breeders are  small, family owned kennels limited in the number they can keep at home. In most cases, this is the primary reason for placing an adult. For  families who would prefer to skip the frustrating potty training stage  and want immediate companionship, an adult boxer is a great alternative.

Reasons for Re-Homing Boxers

1.  Returned by owner. Reputable breeders require the opportunity to re-home one of their boxers in the event a family is no longer able to keep possession of the dog, rather than have it end up in a rescue. In most  cases these dogs are returned due to family relocation or hard times. Rarely do these dogs need rehabilitation. A breeder can usually tell you the background of the dog, whether the dog is safe with children and other dogs, or any other important behavioral concerns, unlike some rescue facilities. Because they  want the adoption to go well, they are available to help you during the  transition process.

2.  Retired show dogs. These dogs are the best representation of the breed.  Rather than having a family go through the time and expense of showing a dog, a breeder may complete the championship, or in some cases unable  to complete the championship, and offer the boxer for adoption. They are a great alternative to a puppy. These boxers tend to be very socialized as they are often raised with multiple dogs.

3.  Retired breed stock. Females are the gem of a breeding program, but they are limited on the litters they can produce. On occasion, a breeder will place a female retiring from their breeding program. Although she  is very loved by the breeder, to ensure the future of their program,  they need to make room to raise a new girl. These retired mums are usually mellow and very sweet, as they have become nurturers. They make great guardians for young children and most importanly, have earned their position to be a spoiled member of the family retiring on somebody’s couch.

4.  Failed health testing. Boxer breeders are working together to eradicate  the heart problems associated with the breed. On occasion during routine health testing conducted prior to breeding, a boxer’s test results are  less than stellar and in some cases, sadly they are diagnosed with a  heart condition. It is devastating to the breeder. Not only are the  results heart breaking, but it is a set back to any breeding program. These boxers do well on medication (usually $15-$20/mo) and even more deserving of a special family who will love them for the time they have and give them that special one on one attention. Dogs from rescues can have limitless health  concerns causing a family to spend thousands of dollars on diagnosis/care. In the case of a breeder rescue, the breeder has already spent the money on diagnosis. The only thing needed is a family to open their heart and home to care  for a special boxer.

Please contact us if you would like more information about our adult adoption process or interested in adopting a mature dog.

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